Success Stories

Ifeoma Nwosu graduated from the Oil and Gas Administrative Assistant program at Reeves College. As a mother of four, Ifeoma decided that she wanted to go to back to school despite how busy she would be while raising her children on her own. She created a strong work life balance by implementing a schedule in order to keep up with family life and school assignments. She remains a strong supporter of college education, sharing with us that she learned so much about life while in school that she would not have learned elsewhere.

Alberto Vista, a Reeves College Calgary campus Paralegal graduate went back to school to pursue his dream career in the legal industry. Despite feeling nervous about enrolling in a post-secondary institution after many years away from formal education, Alberto felt that Reeves College had a great support system. He is now on his way to starting a career in which he can contribute to society and help other people.

Maah Antony, a Reeves College campus Paralegal program graduate, left her job to pursue a career in the paralegal industry. She realized that she wanted a post-secondary education in order to achieve her career goals. The Reeves College environment was not only supportive and focused on academics, but also fun to be around. Maah cites her instructors as being encouraging and enthusiastic mentors that helped her complete her studies.

Tyra Shupe, graduated from the Paralegal program at Reeves College and now works full time in the legal profession. She was inspired to go back to school to pursue her dream career by her daughter. She wanted to be a role model to her daughter and provide a stable and comfortable family life by showing that there are no limits to higher education.

Curtis Zwicker, a Business Administration graduate from Reeves College tells us his story of how he applied his 17-year experience in retail management to his goals of higher education. Upon enrolling in Reeves College, he was able to pursue Business Administration courses to help him move towards a new career direction in business management.

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